7 of the Best Blog Formats For Small Businesses

Today, I’m sharing seven of the best blog formats for small businesses. While there are countless styles in which you can write a blog, some formats are proven to perform better than others. They help you to successfully make an impact on your audience, improve your SEO, and drive more traffic to your website.

Evergreen Blogs: Your Website’s Secret Weapon

In today’s blog, I’m talking about the importance of Evergreen content in your business’ blog. I’ll cover what it is, why it’s vital for your website’s SEO and your brand, and how to write Evergreen blogs.

Guest Post for The Lake Country Mom: 5 Self-Care Tips for Moms to Try in 2021 + Local Wisconsin Resources

I had the pleasure of writing a blog this week for The Lake Country Mom with 5 self care tips moms can try in 2021. And if you live in Southeast WI, I included resources to get you started.

Guest Post on MelissaForziatEvents.com

Pricing can be one of the toughest steps in starting your small business. But with a few simple strategies, you can create a pricing structure for your products and/or services you’ll be confident in. Check out my recent guest post on MelissaForziatEvents.com to learn more! “Small businesses that sell physical products need to be crystal-clearContinue reading “Guest Post on MelissaForziatEvents.com”

How to Write an SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Follow these steps to create an SEO-friendly blog post. Writing a quality piece of blog content takes time and planning, so get the most out of your efforts!

How to Pick Topics for Your Blog + My Free List of 25 Topics to Get You Started

One of the things entrepreneurs find most challenging about starting a blog is figuring out what to write about. Let’s take a look at five of my favorite ways to pick topics for your business’ blog.