Guest Post for Working Moms of Milwaukee

Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic in some way, and working moms have taken the brunt of its challenges. Now more than ever, the world is seeing the load moms carry, between their home and work responsibilities, and there is a new appreciation for all that working moms do.

Check out my guest post for Working Moms of Milwaukee and Milwaukee Mom Force to learn more! And be sure to celebrate Working Moms Day on March 12.

“Let’s state the obvious: The past year has been tough. The pandemic is impacting us all in countless ways and the world will be dealing with its lasting effects for years to come. And as for working moms? It’s knocked the wind out of us.

The reality is, the pandemic is setting working moms back in many ways. But we know we’ll get through this. Working moms are kind of unstoppable if you haven’t heard. Beyond the challenges COVID-19 is presenting us, this period is opening doors for working moms to find and create new ways to grow.”

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