9 Tips for Promoting Your Business on Pinterest

How to use Pinterest to promote your business

Many people use Pinterest to find inspiration and save ideas. But are you using the platform to promote your business? Pinterest’s power as both a search engine and an image-based social media network is often overlooked. 

90% of weekly Pinners make purchases based on Pins they’ve seen. It should be a no-brainer for growing businesses to make the platform part of their marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in using Pinterest to promote your business but aren’t sure where to start, this post is for you!

Today’s Blog at a Glance

  1. Set up a Business Account
  2. Create a branded profile
  3. Be strategic with your boards
  4. Sign up for Rich Pins
  5. Publish captivating pins
  6. Pin often
  7. Get attention with Pinterest Ads
  8. Use your analytics
  9. Schedule using Tailwind

1. Set Up a Business Account

The first step to marketing your business on Pinterest is setting up a Pinterest Business account. Business accounts have access to functions and features specifically designed to help you build an audience. 

When you create a Pinterest Business account, you can connect your website with your profile and validate your domain. This opens the door to various ways to increase site traffic, track user behaviors and preferences, and simplify your promotion strategies. 

Sign up with a Pinterest Business account to promote your business on Pinterest.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you sign your business up for a Pinterest Business account:

  • Verified website listings to show your credibility
  • Access to Pinterest Analytics data and insights
  • Ability to create Rich Pins (more on those below)
  • Access to advertising tools for promoting your Pins to targeted audiences

2. Create A Branded Profile 

Creating a branded profile on Pinterest shows users who you are and what your business is all about. 


Start by adding a 165 x 165 photo for your business. Using the same profile image that you use across other social media platforms will help your audience recognize and become more familiar with your business. Try to be as consistent as possible.


Use your bio to share who you are and what your business does, and don’t overlook it as an SEO opportunity! Using keywords will up your chances of being discovered by search engines and ranking in results. Weave keywords into a concise statement describing your business, and don’t be afraid to add your slogan and some personality.

3. Be Strategic with Your Boards

The boards you create to house your Pins do more than organize them for you. The titles you assign to your boards help you and your business show up in searches, communicate your business’ focus areas, and share your interests and inspirations. 

Glossier's promotes their business with Pinterest by creating organized and optimized boards.
@Glossiernyc’s board titles feature topics that are of interest to their audience and include keywords.

Set up at least five boards that reflect your board topics. Incorporate keywords into your board titles to help your profile’s SEO. Add on-brand cover images for each board that reflect the sort of Pins they contain.

4. Sign Up for Rich Pins

As I mentioned above, Rich Pins are a fantastic benefit to signing up for a business account and promoting your business on Pinterest. Rich Pins are organic Pins that automatically sync information from your website and pull metadata from linked pages. They make your Pinterest profile and Pins more searchable.

Rich Pins show extra information in the Pin description, attracting Pinners and giving them context to make purchases. The current types of Rich Pins are Movie, Recipe, Article, Product, and Place. Rich Pins power-up brand awareness and help your business to stand out. Plus, displaying information on product or service features and pricing builds your business’ credibility.

5. Publish Captivating Pins

The nature of Pinterest’s image-based search capabilities means your Pins have to pack a 1-2 punch of eye-catching images and engaging text. Winning Pins draw users in with stylish designs and useful descriptions and details. For businesses, Pins that share valuable content and solutions for your target audience are ideal.


The most successful Pins feature high-quality, vertical images with a maximum 1:2:8 ratio. If you are adding a text overlay to your pin, keep the text short and sweet. Canva, my beloved graphics tool, has a ton of Pinterest templates and a huge stock image library. It makes creating beautiful Pins a breeze.


If your Pin catches someone’s attention, their next step is to check out its description. Look at descriptions as evergreen content that helps users understand what to do with your Pins. Be as specific as possible with your description text, keeping in mind that people often tweet directly from Pins.

Use Pinterest to market your business with eye catching and engaging Pins.
Here’s a perfect pin with attractive graphics and engaging text (snapped from @JennaKutcher)


Hashtags function on Pinterest as they do everywhere else: they connect content to specific topics, themes, and conversations. When you add hashtags to Pins for your business, users can click them to see all the Pins using that hashtag. 

Add hashtags to the end of your Pinterest descriptions. This way, users can read about your Pin and any call to action you might include before being drawn away to a hashtag’ feed. Pinterest recommends being as descriptive and specific as possible with your hashtags, using words and phrases that describe the Pin’s content. You can include up to 20 hashtags for each Pin.

6. Pin Often

Your Pins should be a mix of your original content and repins from other accounts. The frequency with which you should Pin depends on how often your business produces fresh content. According to Simple Pin Media (my go-to guide for all things Pinterest marketing strategy), “One amazing pin is better than 10 blah Pins.” 

Pinning daily is great, but make sure you are sharing valuable content. And while regularly sharing a lot of quality Pins is beneficial for your account’s growth, businesses rarely need to share more than 30 Pins a day. I suggest pinning as often as you can, given your business’ content cycle, and keeping close tabs on the analytics in your business account. That will be the best source of insights regarding your pinning activity. 

7. Get Attention with Pinterest Ads

Shopping is a top priority for 48% of the 335 million active monthly users on Pinterest — Make sure they find you! 87% of Pinners purchase things they’ve seen on the site. With your Pinterest Business account, you have access to Pinterest Ads and the ability to create advertisements, promote existing Pins, and grow your business.

You can customize Pinterest ads to help you accomplish your specific marketing goals. There are currently five types of ad campaigns available for you to use:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Web Traffic
  • Promoted App Pins
  • Promoted Video Pins

With targeted Pinterest Ads, you can increase your conversions, generate demand for your services/products, drive traffic, encourage brand engagement, and promote your evergreen content.

9 Tips for Promoting Your Business on Pinterest

8. Use Your Analytics

One of the best ways to use Pinterest to promote your business is to keep a close eye on your Pinterest Analytics. According to Pinterest, the data shared in your analytics “helps you understand your overall presence on Pinterest. It shows you what content, both paid and organic, resonates most on Pinterest.” 

With your Pinterest Analytics, you can:

  • Monitor your Pins’ performance
  • Assess your top Pins and top boards
  • View your metrics (impressions, engagements, pin clicks, saves, etc.),
  • Filter your data to view insights on your account’s performance

With this data, you can decide the types of Pins to share, learn more about your audience, and strategize your approach.

9. Schedule Using Tailwind

Oh, how I love Tailwind. It’s a Pinterest Marketing Partner app that schedules your Pins and helps you to generate website traffic, leads, and sales on Pinterest. Tailwind bolsters your marketing efforts by doing the following for you: 

  • Scheduling your posts at optimal times for engagement
  • Cycling your content
  • Showing you related content to repin
  • Helping you connect with other Pinners and share each others’ pins
  • Monitoring your Pin conversions
  • Boosting your Pins’ reach
  • Enabling you to analyze your results

While Tailwind is an optional way to promote your business on Pinterest, I can’t recommend it enough. They offer a free trial that you can use to check out the app, and their paid packages start at $7.99/month. 

If you’re not using Pinterest to promote your business yet, now is the time to start! Use these tips to get your business account up and running, and start tapping into their 335 million monthly users. 


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