5 Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs: Make Your Life Easier

Five Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs That Make Life Easier

The beauty of being a creative entrepreneur in 2020 is that there’s no shortage of apps and websites that will simplify your processes and help you use your time efficiently. Today I’m sharing five of my favorite apps for creative entrepreneurs. From workflow management and invoicing to content creation and communication, these apps will make you more productive and, ultimately, make life easier for you!

Best App for Workflow Management


Keeping track of your projects and deadlines is vital to your success when you’re starting a new business. I’m a huge fan of using Asana to stay on top of my tasks. It’s a web and mobile application designed to manage your workload, and let me tell you, it does the job!

Asana is a great app for creative entrepreneurs.
Asana Dashboard

I’ve used the free plan for a couple of years now, and the basic features more than cover my needs as a freelancer. That said, Asana’s upgraded plans offer access to tools that are helpful for growing teams, like their timeline view, reporting, and portfolios. I’ve worked for businesses that use Asan’s Premium account, and features like start dates and task dependencies are definitely beneficial for managing a group workflow.

Basic = Free
Premium = $10.99/month, billed annually
Business = $24.99/month, billed annually
Enterprise = Contact them for pricing.

Best App for Accounting


Wave is my favorite accounting app for creative entrepreneurs.
Wave Dashboard

Wave is my invoicing and payment app of choice. I’ve been using it for two years and don’t plan on switching to another software anytime soon! Wave lets me prepare customizable and professional invoices, track payments, and automatically process monthly payments for my blog package subscribers. The best part? It’s free.

Wave also provides payroll management tools ideal for creative entrepreneurs who are hiring a team. With direct deposit, credit card processing, tax features, and accounting tools, the app gives you just about everything you need to manage the financial aspects of starting a business. 

Accounting, Invoicing, and Receipt Services = Free
Credit Card Processing = 2.9-3.4% per transaction
Bank Transactions = 1% per transaction

Best App for Content Creation


I can’t believe Canva wasn’t part of my day-to-day content creation until just a few months ago. Where do I begin with my praises about this graphics platform?! Canva is a fantastic tool for creating social media graphics, brochures, business cards, resumes, and just about anything visual. There are thousands of customizable templates you can easily modify to suit your brand. I love the library of stock images available for users and the ample Pinterest pin templates to choose from.

Canva is a fantastic app for entrepreneurs.
Canva Project

I haven’t even begun to fully utilize all that Canva has to offer. Still, I recently upgraded to a premium account (Canva Pro) and couldn’t be happier with it. Canva Free provides access to 8,000 templates, tons of folders, and gives you the option to collaborate in teams. But Canva Pro has benefits I couldn’t pass up! I have a Brand Kit with my custom logos and fonts, access to transparent PNG downloads of my images, and unlimited folders to organize my projects. I can download transparent-background PNGs of my images. If you haven’t tried Canva, I highly recommend signing up for a free account and trying it out!

Free Version Available
Tailwind Tribes = $7.99/month/profile
Enterprise = $30/month, billed annually

5 Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs That Will Make Your Life Easier

Best App for Social Media Scheduling


Tailwind Publisher View/Courtesy of http://www.femaletravelbloggers.com

If you’re a creative entrepreneur using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, you have to start using Tailwind. It’s an official Pinterest (and Instagram) scheduling and analytics tool that makes batching your posts a breeze. Tailwind has features like Smart Schedule for scheduling pins at optimal times. It’s also host to Tribes, where you’ll find relevant content and opportunities to connect with similar users. And with Smart Loops, users can boost traffic, promote evergreen content, and recirculate your pins. 

Tailwind provides a free trial option that serves as a great introduction to their platform. It gives you a chance to get the hang of their tools and features before committing to a paid plan.

Free Trial Available
Pinterest Plus = $9.99/month, billed annually
Instagram Plus = $9.99/month, billed annually
Smart Loop = $7.99/month/profile
Tailwind Tribes = $7.99/month/profile

Best App for Communication


Slack is a the best app out there to help creative entrepreneurs communicate.

Slack is a newer and popular popular communication platform, where users connect via direct message, private groups, channels, and more. With Slack, you can instantly communicate with team members and clients. It also integrates with other apps and supports 1-1 video calls. For me, Slack is a great way to check in on questions or issues that might not warrant an email, but for which scheduling a call might not be necessary, either. One DM, a thumbs-up emoji, and I have what I need from a client.

The free version of Slack is perfect for many creative entrepreneurs. Upgraded packages allow you to conduct group video calls, work with other organizations using Slack Connect, designate customer teams, and more. If you’re not on Slack now, I’d recommend checking it out. You’ll be glad you did!

Free Version Available
Standard = $6.67/person/month
Plus = $12.50/person/month
Enterprise = Contact Slack for pricing.

I hope you’ll check out these apps and that maybe, one (or all) of them can simplify your life as a creative entrepreneur! Are there other apps you use and love? Share them in the comments!


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