How to Pick Topics for Your Blog + My Free List of 25 Topics to Get You Started

Pick topics for your blog with these helpful tips.

One of the things entrepreneurs find most challenging about starting a blog is deciding what to write about. Creating strategic blog content that your audience will want to read and that aligns with your business goals isn’t that hard, though. With some quick planning and research, you can create a list of engaging and informative blog topics. Let’s take a look at five of my favorite ways to pick topics for your business blog.

Customer Insights

Customer feedback is a great source to help you pick blog topics.

If you want to know what topics your audience is dying to hear about, go straight to the source. Do you often hear the same questions or concerns about your services or products? Create blog posts that provide answers and solutions. Review your social media comments for insights into what your customers care about. 

Better yet, use your social media to ask them what they want to know. Your blog will be most successful when you produce content relevant to your audience, so considering their interests is important.

Trending Industry Topics

One of the benefits of a blog is that it serves as a platform to demonstrate your industry expertise. What do potential customers want to know about your industry? Are there processes or best practices you can shed light on? Analyze industry-wide issues or problems and highlight your knowlege. It shows that you know what you’re doing and gives you credibility.

Need help coming up with ideas? Take a look at what your peers and competitors are sharing. Subscribe to their newsletters, check out their social media accounts, and visit their blogs. You’ll notice trends in the topics they’re addressing with their content. Consider your unique perspective and create a blog post that communicates your experience.

Popular Searches

Popular Searches are one strategy to pick topics for your blog.

There is a very simple way you can use Google to view popular topics related to your industry, services, or products. When you visit Google and enter a search term, you’ll see a “People Also Ask” box along with your search results. There, you can check out related phrases and questions that people are searching for. This will give you some ideas as to what topics will be of interest to your audience.

How to Pick Topics for Your Blog

Research Tools

There are tons of great tools and platforms available (some free, some at a cost) that let you explore trending topics and keywords. These services let you skip manually searching and instead, track relevant keywords, or even the keywords your competition is ranking with.

Here are a few reputable keyword research tools to try:

No matter what type of business you own, you can pick blog topics that get your readers’ attention and align with your marketing goals. If you try one of these tips, let me know!


25 Blog Topics for Your Business

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